What is SEO Hosting and Multiple C Class Hosting?

What is SEO Hosting and Multiple C Class Hosting?

SEO hosting has been debated a lot these days. With advancement of technology and increase in Internet dominance, SEO has been a very important aspect of digital marketing. When it comes to SEO hosting, most people fail to understand its nature, needs, merits and demerits. Nevertheless, this article will focus on it.

SEO Hosting

SEO hosting enables you to disperse your domain across multiple C class IPs. It makes them look unique and separated. It makes it possible to manage all the IPs under one control panel. Otherwise, it would be very time consuming to login manually to each and other IP.

When it comes to classes of IP, each IP is classified into one of the four classes. Each have a different numerical layout being unique in its own way.

Multiple C class hosting

Multiple C class hosting

This is a service offered by many companies in the multiple C class industry. It is a hosting service provided to website owners to host their websites on different IPs and spread it across multiple class C IPs. This is an ideal choice for those who are running a blog farm or a he network of websites. Without multiple C class hosting, companies would be forced to host multiple domains on different web hosts.

The primary purpose of this type of hosting is to acquire an advantage over other competitors in the market. It would boost your search engine rankings and link value. Using traditional forms of hosting methods would not be beneficial if you are running a network of websites. You need to make your website appear in a unique manner and across a different C class IP.

The more unique your website appears to the search engine, higher the value of your links will get. Search engines are very particular when it comes associating value to the links. If they are on the same network, there will virtually no value at all.

However there are several factors you must take into account before settling for one. Make sure you take them into account to enhance your website’s performance.

The reality

SEO hosting is expensive. The results may vary from website to website. It is not suitable for all websites. A singular website could go for traditional forms of hosting rather than SEO hosting. A network would benefit a lot out of this type.

SEO-friendly hosting is another way to term SEO hosting. It is all about establishing your website in way that is friendly for search engines. These web hosts can increase the reliability and speed of your web pages. It increases the page load time which automatically increases your search engine rankings.


Here was the description of SEO hosting and multiple C class IP hosting. However, before resorting to one service, make sure you ask them several questions like the location of IPs, the customer response time, downtime, the nature of IPs and other relevant ones to ensure its quality of service which would ultimately benefit you only.